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Eye cleansing lotion No More Tear Stains

Eye cleansing lotion No More Tear Stains

We humans are only properly washed in the morning once we have eliminated those boogers from our eyes. But what about our beloved quadrupeds? The reddish-brown staining around the eyes is a frequent problem amongst cats and dogs. 

This Show Tech Eye Cleanser, is designed to help remove tear stains and for complete care in and around the eyes, but also if you want to get rid of brownish stains in the beard and between your pet’s toes. No More Tear Stains helps to decongest and unblock the blocked, swollen tear ducts.  

Composition: Boric Acid (2%), Benzalkonium Chloride (0,1%) , Citric acid (0,02%).

Use instructions 
Recommended for all dog breeds, especially those with a short face such as Maltese, Pekinese, bichons frises, shih tzus, Yorkshire terriers and even Persian and exotic shorthair cats. 

We recommend using No More Tear Stains at least one time a day. In severe cases, you can even use it twice. Just drip the product in and around the eye. Clean and dry with a cotton cloth or pad, or use an eye wipe.

For the best results we recommend to clean tear stain area with Eye Cleansing Lotion No More Tear stains  and apply STARFIRE'S NO STAIN .


Check out video how to use Starfires No Stain and saline solution!
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