Exclusive grooming products for pets
Microfiber towels for fast & convenient water absorption!2020-10-05Microfiber towels for fast & convenient water absorption!NEW!! A must have for any dog after bath, spa procedures, rainy walks etc. to absorb water and humidity fast & convenient. Big size (120x60cm) microfiber towels is especially designed to dry dogs quickly and absorb more water faster than traditio... Read more »
Starfire’s limited edition design2020-09-01Starfire’s limited edition designNew! Starfire’s limited edition design bottles are here!   ... Read more »
Starfire's brushes for all types of coat!2020-07-31Starfire's brushes for all types of coat!NEW! Which brush would You choose for Your fur baby? Big? Oval? Straight or with extra long metalic tines?Starfire's Canine Care Line presents brushes with metallic tines for optimal coat care. No ball at the tip. The tip of the tines is very soft, design... Read more »