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Deep coat treatment set

Deep coat treatment set No2

The set consists of 3 products for the intensive hydration treatment for any coat that needs restore & hydration finishing with Starfire's Desire spray:

  • Chelating shampoo Starfire's Stripper (227ml) - Stripper gently and naturally purifies and chelates hair. Sulfate – Free and Color – Safe. Natural purifiers and EDTA – free chelators gently remove chlorine, hard water minerals, product build up, embedded metals, chemicals, medicine and pollutants from hair. Phytic acid derived from rice eliminates well water orange hair. Keratin curative system protects color while leaving hair incredibly healthy, shiny and vibrant. Sodium Chloride – Free formula.
  • The ULTIMATE treatment mask Starfire's Greed (227ml). Nutrient infuser and power boost activator. Advanced nutrient delivery system that carries powerful vitamins, proteins and curative actives into the coat for optimal conditioning. Greed’s rejuvenating formula is a rich blend of luxurious natural oils and protein. This intensive masque deeply penetrates the hair leaving coats revitalized, hydrated and easy to manage. Greed is the miracle treatment that restores health, radiance, volume and shine to dry coats…from within.
  • Leave In conditioner Starfire's Desire (227ml)- Restore sinner health and flexibility to weak, depleted, clarified hair. Instantly rebuilds hair’s integrity. Specially formulated to replenish vital Keratin Amino Acids, after the hair has been conditioned. Apply on wet or dry coats.


Check out the video of deep coat conditioning with Starfire's products !
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