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Starfire’s No Stain is the ultimate stain removal product that safely and effectively removes stains around the eyes of animal. Developed by the American Kennel Club Toy Breeder of the year, Tony Cabrera, this product will safely remove even the darkest and most resistant stains and will maintain your dog’s or cat’s face meticulously clean. Tested for over twenty years, by some of the world’s most renowned breeders, this product will keep all breeds of dogs and cats clean- even those with ice white coats. This safe and easy to use powder is applied in seconds and contains no bleach or peroxide. Starfire’s No Stain will not damage your pet – even if ingested some. Your pet’s face will be as clean and sparkling as any Best In Show winner – guaranteed!

Although I am primarily known as one of the Top Winning Pomeranian breeder of all time, I actually began with the Maltese back in 1986. Some people have compared learning to condition, scissor and groom Pomeranians to climbing a steep hill. It takes a while, but if you persist, you will make it to the top. Let me go on record, as saying that learning to condition and groom top-winning Maltese is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest. One of the most challenging aspects for caring and conditioning a white dog is learning to deal with unsightly eye-stains. While many breeders turn to the use of bleach in desperation, I have seen other breeders permanently damage the eyes of their dogs with the use of bleach and peroxides. In my opinion, nothing can justify that kind of risk. When we delved into white Persian cats this product was essential to our success.

I did not want my dogs or cats ingesting drugs and/or antibiotics that could compromise their health. I was determined to find a completely effective topical treatment that would not damage the health or the hair on my dogs. My persistence paid off, and now I have a Starfire’s No Stain product that is as safe, as it is effective. Your dogs and cats no longer will suffer the unsightly effects of ocular discharge. Equally effective on dogs with short and long facial furnishings, Starfire’s No Stain is also safe enough to use on young puppies who will be stain free even through teething.

Whether you have a Best In Show winner or the perfect companion and pet, your dog or cat can look and feel like a winner with a sparkling face that takes mere seconds to apply.  Buy now!